Why sell with Mudd Marine Group

Mudd Marine Group delivers successful sales of some of the most impressive yachts on the market. Whether managing the sale or purchasing of a yacht, we work together to provide impeccable service to our customers. We have assisted hundreds of our customers in the sale of their yachts, boats, and houseboats of different sizes. Our database of potential buyers is continuously updated, and we utilize various online platforms, which helps us reach qualified prospects and buyers.


How can Mudd Marine Group Help You Sell Your Boat?

  • We can provide a buffer between you and the buyer.
  • We will perform a market analysis on your boat to help you set a correct and reasonable price.
  • We can assist the buyer of your boat in completing the survey, lake test, mechanical inspection, financing, closing, and title work.
  • We pay for and process all the advertising and marketing on your boat in the proper places.
  • We are available for showings and lake tests seven days a week for the convenience of the prospective buyer. 
  • We can process and expedite the shipping of the boat to the buyer's new location.
  • Our services will save you a lot of time, remove many of the concerns you might have to deal with,and allow you to carry on your normal daily activities while we handle all the details of the transaction for you.